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Gutter Guards

We believe in providing our customers with virtually maintenance free gutters so you won’t have to worry with them every season but rather relax with the knowledge that just as the roof or foundation of your house, it was installed correctly and will be doing the intended job for many years to come.

What are Gutter Guards?

Gutter Guards are basically a shield installed over the gutter to protect against leafs and other debris from clogging up your downspouts and drains. It isn’t always necessary to have them but if you have trees near your house it is highly recommended as you will have to clear your downspouts from all the gunk that can accumulate over time.

There is no shortage in designs and types of gutter guards, the gutter guards most often installed by our company are made locally and are made from 29 gauge hole punched metal.

If you have tiny leaves or pine needles you may need a gutter guard that comes with a screen over the wire frame.

Our 29 gauge steel gutter guards are also recommended on metal roof when the danger of ice buildup on the roof is present. They can keep the ice from filling up the gutter and well as keep the gutter from having to hold up the weight of the whole sheet of ice on the roof causing the hangers to open up.

As stated above there are an innumerable amount of choices in the market place when shopping for gutter guards, as with anything it is in your best interest to get as much information as you can from trusted sources before spending the money on having gutter guards installed on your home. Things you may want to keep in mind include, how the guards are attached, what keeps them from flying off during a windstorm, what kind of support is needed to keep them from caving in, will they cause leaves to keep the fascia wet and possible rot out the fascia over time? All of this info should be available from your gutter and gutter guard installer.